1. Meaning in Life.


A question bugs us all as to why we are born and what is the purpose of life? Everyone has the inclination to contribute positively towards the society, but everyday struggles take a toll on our good intentions. An yearning for the meaning of life inspires us all. One of my friends narrated an incident while he was a student in university.

“A middle-aged man seemingly ill approached him to write an application to the State Governor to request for financial aids. On little inquiry, the man intimated that being a TB patient, he was traveling for a free medical checkup in the bus. However, he was pick-pocketed and left penniless to continue the journey. Someone at bus stand suggested him to write an application to the Governor and accordingly he came to university for help. My friend on realizing that the man is serious and in danger of losing his life gave him five thousand rupees from his pocket money. After 15 years, my friend carries that incident as a cherished memory giving him a sense of happiness and satisfaction.”

Opportunities to help others are galore. Need is to keep the eyes open and to help others whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is a favor on self to help others as resultant happiness is all ours.

2. No Cheating.

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Ever wondered why most corrupt is most religious also? Why in old age there is a sudden renewed focus towards God and religious acts? Any act of cheating is bound to disturb your peace of mind and resultant happiness. Everyone can be cheated, but not the self. Law of karma will catch up one day and no smartness will work.

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3. Expectations.

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The biggest source of turbulence in our lives is reasonable or unreasonable expectations from others. Parents want to control the children, but children want independence, boss desires full efficiency, however, employees are not satisfied with remunerations, and the list is endless.

One thumb rule to be happy is to have minimum expectations from others. You are responsible for yourself, so be it. Never ever blame others for your problems.

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4. Maintain your Pace.

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Your environment has as much influence over you as much you permit. Always maintain your balance and composure. Decide your pace and don’t let others disturb your momentum. An excited state of mind will catch up one day leaving you exhausted. It is good to be fast, but never mind to slow down if required.

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5. Take Decisions.

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Take your own decisions lest others will decide for you.
“Rajesh sought his friend’s advice on a marriage proposal that his parents were forcing upon him. His question was simple “should he marry as per parents choice or own choice as in both cases happiness is not guaranteed?”
“But there will be no one to blame in the latter case. Results whether negative or positive will be attributed to your decision”
He got his answer and is happily married today as per his own decisions.
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6. Relate to Happiness.

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Be a source of happiness and people will flock to you. No one wants to be associated with sadness. Inspire motivation and enthusiasm and that is possible only if you are happy from within. Avoid unhappy and negative environment as it will affect your inner core over a period.


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